Why reinvent the wheel when we've got it done for you?
Simply use the scripts as a base and add your own magic

Copy-and-paste-ready, customizable, non-boring scripts for those tough staging client questions and objections already done for you.
Not sure what to say or how to have those tough conversations with your home staging clients?

Questions and scenarios like
"You are too expensive. Can you do it cheaper?"
"Can I get some free advice?"
"My house sold quickly, can I get a refund?"
"I broke the homeowner's door when moving in the couch."

We’ve got just the thing for your sticky conversations.

We get it and we’ve been there.

You didn’t want to offend the staging clients.
You were not sure what’s the best way to say it.
You didn’t know how to say it with confidence.

So you ended up saying “yes” to the things you wanted to say “NO” to,
simply because you were afraid to lose the staging job.

We’ve got you!

Our collection of scripts has copy-and-paste-ready, customizable,
non-boring answers already done for you. So you can handle staging client objections with ease, and confidence, impress and
win over your home staging clients immediately

Why do scripts work so well
in real estate?

You can plan out exactly what you want to say and how you say it, even when answering the most cringy client question ever

You already prepared for the tough convos, so you will not be caught off-guard when the staging clients ask you the tough questions

It takes the negative emotion out of your answer, so you are not putting your staging clients on the defensive

Knowing what to say confidently will help you squash staging client objections and doubts in working with you. You can then easily turn those “No’s” into home staging projects

You will become more confident with your home staging business since you will have a higher closing rate with your home staging clients

Scripts you will find in our virtual classroom

Video masterclass on How to Turn Staging Client Objections into Home Staging Projects

Tough Qs you may get during initial client inquiry

What to say when you simply have to say no

How to deal with time wasters, tire-kickers, and those who are not a great fit for your staging business

What to say and how to deal with staging clients asking for deals, discounts, and freebies

Dealing with common staging client objections

What to do and say when your home staging clients are unhappy

Dealing with OMG team members

Dealing with OMG fellow home stagers

“I am going to hire my cousin to do the staging or
I am going to DIY by buying the book
Home Staging for Dummies
Hey [NAME],

Of course. That's certainly one option. It's just like haircuts. I can always have a trained hairstylist cut my hair or cut it myself. It's a personal choice.

We feel confident that with our proven track record, we can stage your house in a shorter time frame, with less stress, and save you more money in the long run.

For example, here is one of our recent success stories in your neighborhood [INSERT CASE STUDY/STATS/BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS HERE].

We would love to work with you on getting your home ready for sale. If you feel more confident in staging the property yourself, we also offer a consultation session, where we can create a tailored and customized plan of staging, and you execute the staging yourself.

Our doors are always open for you. If you want to take advantage of our full staging service, our installation dates do go fast! If you changed your mind about staging, just let us know right away.



If the home staging client is set on staging their own house, that is their choice. But as a home staging professional, we can offer options and leave the door open in case they change their mind.

This is why in the scripts, we frame it as a personal choice and offered consultation sessions as an option to leave the door open for a potential upsell into a staging service later.

Lastly, I mentioned that our dates go fast, to create a little bit of sense of urgency to motivate them to book a date with us soon.

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