Find clarity in pricing your home staging projects so you can
feel confident about your pricing while creating a profitable home staging business

Not sure how to price your home staging projects?
Need tips on how to price confidently when you are
putting together your home staging proposals?

We've put a Home Stager's Pricing Guide together just for you!!

Pricing is so much more than a single number.

Yes, it can be tricky, but luckily, it's figure-out-able!

Use the interactive worksheets,
plug your own numbers in,
and tailor it to YOUR home staging business!

In this guide you'll find:

Common traps that home stagers fall into when pricing their home staging projects

How to build profitability into your home staging business

How to deal with client objections and create win-win solutions

Use our customizable home staging pricing worksheets to gain insight into the finances of your home staging business

How to build your job costing structure so that you always have profitability built-in

Real-life experiences and scenarios

We get asked all the time,

"What should I charge for my home staging project?"

The Home Stager's Pricing Guide breaks down the
how-to and shows you how
you can build your pricing for your home staging projects.

When you invest in the Home Stager's Pricing Guide,
you also get access to our Customizable Worksheets!

Created in Google Sheets,
your customizable worksheet pack includes:
Home Staging Income Calculator
Cost of Doing Business Calculator
Sample Job Costing Calculator
Sample Staging Fees by Listing

Business is all about an 80% confident mindset and
20% aligned action to back it up.

Take action today and learn how to
create more profits in your home staging projects

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