We know that good photography sells houses, but are you using good photos to sell your staging services?

An Interior Photography Course for Home Stagers
Let’s learn how to take better photos of your home staging work
so you can attract more home staging clients
and add more income to your home staging business.

(Not to mention you will take WAY better vacation photos.)

Have you ever thought about taking photos of your own staging work?

You want to learn but you find it daunting
to take photos in manual mode.

Or you simply can’t seem to figure out
how to use your big camera.

Or, your staging photos
never turned out the way you wanted?

We’ve got you.

In this digital, on-demand course, we will teach you what are the best angles, how to use your camera, and how to edit your photographs, so that you can create the magazine-worthy photos you want.

How great interior photography adds to your home staging business

Having great photos not only sells, but it will also help you sell higher and quicker

Great photos will not only help your staging clients sell their listings quicker, but they will also make you look good as the home stager

Knowing how your staging work is photographed will help you become a stronger stager

Your home staging portfolio will become more edited, polished, and refined. This will make you look more expensive, branded and you charge more

Once you’ve got the photography down, you can use it as an edge for marketing, and even add it as an additional revenue stream for your home staging business

What You Will Learn in this Course

Accordion Example

Learn the technical aspects of your camera to uplevel your interior photography

  • Different kinds of cameras and how to choose the one that works for you
  • What is "Exposure Triangle?"
  • Photographing in different formats, such as raw, jpeg and different file formats
  • Camera setting basics
  • Photographing with your smartphone
  • Choosing the right lens for your camera
  • Photographing in different modes and settings
  • Multiple exposures for a photograph
  • Photographing in low light
  • The myth of wide-angle lens

Great photography composition will help you turn the most mundane scene into something incredibly interesting and alluring.

  • The differences between real estate listing photos vs. your home staging portfolio photos and why you should stop using listing photos for your staging portfolio
  • Best camera angles for your home staging work
  • How to set your camera up to get the best photos possible
  • Using light in your photography
  • Creating the hero of your photograph and removing distractions
  • How to tell a story through your photographs
  • How to make your photographs more dynamic and engaging, creating more contrasts, colors, movement, etc.

Learn to edit your staging photos to turn them into magazine-ready photos that will get you tons of engagement on social media!
In this particular module, I am using Adobe Lightroom, but you can find similar settings on a lot of apps today.

  • How post-production can transform photographs and why it is a critical part of the creative process
  • Basic post-production techniques to refine your interior photos
  • Exporting your photos for your website and social media
  • Creating presets for faster post-production time
  • File organization and backing up your work

Your newfound skills can now generate more income for your home staging business.

  • You can get multiple photographs out of one great photo, so you will have plenty of content for your social media and home staging blog posts
  • How you can create additional income through your photography
  • How to create artwork for your home staging projects and for sale
  • Using your photographs in marketing your home staging business
  • Copyright of your photography work and how to protect your work legally
  • All about social media — One of the key lead generation tools today for home stagers

  • ✅ Access the digital on demand short course from anywhere in the world on any device with internet access.
  • ✅ Lifetime access: So you can rewatch the short course as often as you need to
  • ✅ There is no renewal fees or a whatever fee, even if we raise the price, update or add more content.

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