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Before you start your home staging and prep process, we always recommend sellers to do a first walk through where they would walk through the entire home, inside and out, and come up with a list of items that need to be repaired, updated, or touched up.

This is a checklist to keep you organized for your first walk through. This will help you determine a list of repairs and action items for staging.

Use this worksheet to plot out and record all the major milestones, like various work being done at the house and especially before your house is going on the market.

There are going to be a lot of moving pieces when it comes to selling your home. Use this checklist to organize your projects and prioritize your tasks. Remember, time is of essence in real estate!

While it may be great to knock out everything on your list, you may have to compromise to make sure the most important pieces are done. Those would be the must fixes, things that can impact your sales price.

Here are four worksheets here for you to get ready for your staging weekend:

  1. - A to-do list for your prep
  2. - A shopping list for your prep
  3. - Room planning prep
  4. - A space planning grid for you to plan each room. You can use the grid to draw a sketch of your floor plan and plot out how you'll position your furniture

You've completed the staging, and it is time to check your work. Use this room ready checklist to see if you need to make any last-minute tweaks.

Your curb appeal is crucial since it's the first thing buyers see. The first impression is very important. You only have one chance to wow the buyers and get them into the front door to tour the home.

This is a checklist to keep you organized and ready for your open house, even when the agent calls you for a last-minute showing!

At this point, your home will be freshly staged and all is ready to go. Treat this like an open house. You can always do a final walk through with an objective friend and/or your real estate agent to give you constructive feedback on the home from a buyer’s perspective.

Not all real estate photographers are created equal, and they cannot read your mind! This guide teaches you how to communicate with your photographer so that you will get the best listing photos.

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